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The Ruthless Herald

HP 0 Summon Niemożliwe
EXP 0 Convince Niemożliwe
Odporny na Specjalne
Częściowo odporny na Walka
Wrażliwy Odgłosy I am so proud of my son Orshabaal.; Have you heard, the imperor is marrying an imp named April? What a fool.; The Ruthless Seven are going to make the easter bunny an honorary member!; They are coming ... perhaps for YOU!; "Beware! The Ruthless Seven are coming!; Killing me is imp-ossible, because I am imp-roved! I am immune to any imp-act!; The one who kills me gets an imp-outfit.; Hey you! I've heard that! You're first to die when the masters come.; Nice to meet you. I am Harold, the ruthless herald.; Have you seen my friend Harvey? I could swear he's somewhere around.; My masters are on their way!
Loot Ten potwór nie pozostawia po sobie żadnych przedmiotów.
Występowanie Cała Tibia